3D & Flat Cut Letters

Anything is possible! (within reason..!) 3D signs are a great way for your business to stand out from the rest.
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The Visual Effect of 3D & Flat Cut Letters!

For maximum impact nothing beats 3D lettering! Your company’s brand will stand out to an unrivaled degree, through the simple use of multi-dimensional letters. Made from powder-coated metals, namely aluminum and stainless steel, you can leave these pieces how they are or as the name implies, powder-coat them with various colors. 3D signs can be cut into various different fonts, increasing your opportunity to make these particular signs as specific to your brand as possible. These signs can also be lit up from behind with the light beaming out from the letters, creating an attractive halo effect. This effect adds a whole new dimension to your signage and looks impressive at the entrance to buildings and offices.

3D signs can easily be used in both interior and exterior environments and can be adapted in terms of shape and size, according to your business needs. Producing these signs does incur a slightly higher price tag, but considering the effectiveness of 3D signs, they provide a huge return on investment.

Illuminate your buisness.

Many 3D signs now come with LED lighting built in, which is a hugely popular feature. It is not built-in as standard though and 3D signs can still be bought translucent or colored. The illumination effect in 3D signs is brought about by LEDs,  usually installed in the back of the signs and used to produce a halo effect. The halo illumination is subtle and  produces a soft glow of light inside the 3D letters. Lights can also be placed in the front of the signs to make the lettering look more prominent and overt. When 3D signs are illuminated from the front, the LED modules shine forward through the transparent outer face of the signs.

All our signs are custom made according to your needs and preferences. Our staff will help you to achieve the best results possible, on time and to budget. Contact us today, with all your queries and specific requirements.

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