Selecting the right font for your sign is a crucial part of the design process. Get it right and you will communicate effectively what it is you stand for as a brand and what your company ethos is all about. Get it wrong and the disconnect between the nature of your company and the attributes the font is conveying could leave customers confused and mistrustful. Every typeface has their own look and feel, so you’ll want to make sure that the font you choose correctly captures the tone you’re looking to convey. The font alone should encapsulate what you stand for.

Experience tells us that when using quirky out-there fonts it is best to do so sparingly. Body text should always sway towards the more serious and informative styles and any use of off-the-wall fonts should be kept to titles only, in order to avoid coming across as insincere. Office signs in general need to retain an element of conservativism to be taken seriously as often these signs are informative and directional.

One of the keys ways to make modern vinyl signs and acrylic signs appear attractive on the eye, is to use a combination of fonts. This keeps things eye-catching and visually appealing. You must take care to ensure the fonts compliment each other and aren’t too These two font types compliment each other very well and are easy on the eyes. Throw too many fonts in the mix and you run the risk of making your design look cluttered.

Legibility is another key feature. With acrylic signs you get a nice clean finish, which guarantees a clear result, so long as your font is not too out there. Whether an interior or exterior sign, you need to stand back both figuratively and literally and double check the sign is readable despite ostentatious lettering and clever slogans as the case may be. Always ask a second pair of eyes as to whether or not that wording is instantly readable and understandable.
If you still can’t find the perfect font for your custom signage, vehicle wrap or window graphic, just leave it to the experts at Aspect Signs. We have the experience and the expertise to lead you towards the fonts that are right for the message you want to convey.

Whether it is office signs, window manifestations, exterior or interior, Aspect Signs are here to discuss your signage needs and recommend the types of fonts and materials that will best serve your objectives. Contact us today.