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Have your signage totally interchangeable with Aluminium Sign Frames
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The Perfect Way-finding Signs Solution.


New to our product range our aluminium sign frames are now available to be ordered in a variety of different sizes.  Simply let us know what your requirements are and we can deliver a quality frame with quick turnaround.

These silver aluminium sign frames are made with anti-reflective acrylic covers and offer a slim and stylish design. These wall mounted signs can go up to A1 in terms of size and look fantastic with their neat and slick style, they give a real contemporary look to your work place or organisations signage.

These stylish frames allow you to change your image or sign details as and when you want to. If you are holding different events or meetings on a regular basis, then these aluminium sign frames are the perfect solution. They can come with a subtle lock to ensure they can’t be easily opened once the sign is inside them. They are capable of being fixed onto walls using VHB (very high bond) tape or screws via adjustable wall mounts. The wall mounts come with each item and are incredibly useful as they ensure the sign frame hangs correctly which is a perfect solution for uneven walls. These aluminium frames are found in a variety of different sectors, including retail, education, hospitality and corporate.

Our aluminium sign framing extrusions are unique in the sign trade. While they are the perfect solution for standard non-illuminated wall mounted signs. The seamless looking frames have a flush-face finish which not only delivers a contemporary design, it also eliminates the collection of dust along the frame’s edges.

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