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Think the concept of directional and informative words and phrases adorning buildings and offices is a new invention? Think again.  Signs have featured prominently in societies for years and no less so than right here in London.  Although the use of acrylic signs and vinyl signs is a fairly new concept, signage in one form or another has been around for centuries. Whether its office signage, wall manifestations or vehicle graphics, early versions of signage are still omnipresent in London and what they communicate often tell the tale of a lost culture and its people.

Walk around London’s historical East End and discover for yourself the advertising gems of the past. Known as ghost signs there is a plethora of painted and faded signs on walls and the sides of buildings all over the likes of Stoke Newington and Bankside.  A sign for a chemists and a nursery adorns the brick wall of Cloudesly Road in Islington, plus there are many company signs all over the East End that mark the spots of the businesses which once dominated in the area. To explore London’s ghost signs in more detail you can even attend a walking tour of the city, which takes in all the relevant spots. These walks are a great way of exploring the history of advertising through the retro exterior signs. What is most fascinating about these signs is how they have survived against the odds. The large wall murals have weathered years of gentrification and torrid conditions to remain intact homages to the past.

The tours come highly recommended and are hugely popular. Heralded by the Londonist and awarded the certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor, they are a must see for anyone who has an interest in the aesthetic quality of signage and their historical contexts.  Not only do they have great historical significance, they also contribute hugely to contemporary urban streetscapes.

The tours costs £15.00 per person and last two hours. Private tours can be arranged by contacting Sam Roberts a.k.a Mr Ghostsigns  by email or phone (sam@ghostsigns.co.uk, +44 7989 409 046).

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