Your business may already be well on its way to being well acclaimed, or you may just be starting out, either way a high quality sign is an incredibly important aspect to marketing your business. It is a cost effective form of communication to potential customers, both quickly and effectively. Here we will talk about some reasons for having good quality signage and hints on some things to consider.

Look at your exterior sign as being the first impression you are giving to the public about your business. It is going to say a lot about your brand and what you offer, so it is very important to keep the design consistent and free of errors. Don’t forget it is an incredible marketing tool, so you want to make your business memorable by keeping the image consistent with existing brand imagery or design. You should put a lot of thought into how signage and logos will appear to the public. Tattered signs that have suffered wear and tear should be replaced as this is directly representing you, and if it is sloppy then what will this say of your business, products or services? It is worth regularly assessing your signage for damage, and even the position of the sign. Exterior signage is important so that people know where you are, and those that don’t know of your business at all will clearly see it, and get an idea of what you offer. This can be an office sign, shop sign, hotel sign or other, but whatever its use, this is your chance to get your message across quickly and grab passers-by’s attention. Look at it as your silent sales person on the street; if you draw more people in then you will make more sales. Reports state that exterior signs are the most effective way of advertising your business or brand with the highest return on investment, this includes radio ads or newspaper ads.

External signs aren’t the only kind that you should be thinking about though, there are also internal signs that are very useful for getting important information across to potential customers or clients once your external sign has drawn them into the building. Interior signs can come in the form of promotional signs, directional signs, door plaques, name plates and much more. They are a really valuable tool to keeping your business organised and in giving it that professional touch. Remember that when it comes to driving sales, the small details count and these signs all go towards how your business looks and its ease of operation. Again, keep consistent with the design and look of your signs on the inside. Your exterior sign will ideally be more eye-catching, but your interior signs probably don’t need to be, depending on their purpose of course. The great thing is that you can have all of your signs fully customised to look exactly how you want, whether it is vinyl signs or another preference, so it really is worth investing time into thinking about this side of your business. Look at it as an investment – your sign is your best advertisement, morning, noon and night, 24/7.

Exterior signs can come in the form of grounded sign boards or mounted company signage, each are effective and can be used for different purposes, and they can also complement each other. While a mounted sign may draw attention, the grounded sign can provide even more information about your business.

Although there may be an initial outlay on your signage, it is important to look at the bigger picture and to take into consideration all the benefits it will have in the long run. There are very minimal upkeep costs, where as other forms of marketing requires ongoing maintenance and expenditure. The amount of people your sign will reach compared to any other form of advertising makes it a worthwhile investment in itself.

Don’t under estimate what good quality business signs can do for your company or brand. We hope that with this information you can approach this marketing tool more informed and get the most out of your signs.  Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries or questions regarding signage for your business, office, company or brand; we are happy to help or advise.

Author: skinnyjeans86