It’s never too early to get your order in for the next wave of promotions on the retail calendar. At this time of year attention inevitably falls on the January sales rush. Stores and retailers are rushing to put out their sale items and clear areas of their shop floor to display the marked-down products.  With so much going on in terms of logistics it is understandable that many shop owners forget one obvious factor- customers need to know that there is a sale on! How is this done?  Through well placed signage of course.

To alert your customer to any changes, you need to make things clear. Bold and succinct writing on  clearly distinguishable materials is a good starting point.

You can create your signs through a number of different materials. Vinyl window graphics are a popular choice. Simply adorning your shop windows with the word ‘sale’ in the appropriate font can be all it takes, to get the word out. Your front windows are a great place for attracting wider footfall and the attention of passing vehicles. Vinyl is ideal for adding short term signage because it can then be removed easily from glass surfaces.  Alternatives include the likes of foamex for interior use.These simple and cost efficient signs can be adorned with which ever sales based texts you want and can be put up and down easily. They are durable and will last successive January’s. And if you adorn them with a simple text like the word ‘Sale’ they can be brought out at any point in the year when you have a promotion running.

As with all of our signs we can build you something brand specific or create something form scratch, it all depends on the look and feel you want.    And as ever we can install your sign for you, so you don’t have to worry about high ceilings or placements of the graphics.

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