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Ways In Which Office Signs Impacts Your Brand.

A key objective for any business is creating an instantly recognisable brand. To do this you need to establish what the key attributes of your business are, what you want to exude and how these qualities can be translated into a visual projection. Once you’ve got that nailed you can begin to design your brands image and display it across all platforms, both digital and physical. One key platform is signage. Signage allows you to display your brand image and ethos in a prominent and effective way. It lets customers know who you are, what you stand for and what they can expect from you.

You can display your brands logo and slogans through a variety of different types of signs. This can often be through office signs, which come in the form of office manifestation; custom signs; vinyl wall art; and general wall graphics. Regardless of the industry you are operating in, office signs play a role in bolstering your brand. It also doesn’t take a business genius to understand that in bolstering your brand and maximizing its exposure you will inevitably increase your sales and generate bigger revenue.

Five reasons we love office signage

Following are the top five ways in which office signage affects your brand:

1. It shapes identity. The look and feel of an office sign indicates to the consumer what the brand is all about. Through use of shapes, colours and fonts the consumer begins to build an image of what the brand inherently stands for and means.
2. It makes you identifiable. Having an easy to read, distinct sign, means your customers, prospective or otherwise can find you easily. You have more of a chance of resonating in the minds of the consumer, with something eye-catching.
3. It allows you to project that professional, polished image. A prospective client is unlikely to invest trust in you, let alone foster a business relationship with you if you lack a vital degree of professionalism.
4. You are instantly more relate-able. Customers want to feel as though they are dealing with human beings not a faceless corporate entity. Through office signage, you can exude friendly, accessible qualities, that will ensure you come up trumps with prospective clients.
5. Great office signage helps to foster trust. One of the key factors influencing customer decision making is whether a company is potentially trust worthy. Customers are risk adverse, through a process of elimination, they will weed out all the dubious looking companies and opt to do business with the most reliable. Through the right branded signage, you can win customers over with an air of transparency and dependability.

As skilled, experienced sign makers offering only the best in styles and materials, we can ensure that the office signs we make for you support your companies ideals and values and strengthens its overall brand message.

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