For any business be it small or large, creating a distinct and recognisable brand image is key when it comes to standing out in a crowded market place. Your potential customers will start to build a picture of who you are as a company and what you stand for based on the image that your brand projects. They will begin to gauge an understanding of the level of service you provide and where you fit in in the consumer world, based on the implied synergy you have with other brands. A key component of brand identity, especially regarding first impressions is signage. Signage, along with custom wall murals, glass vinyl, door plaques and name plates, play an important role in defining a brand’s identity, value and image. Let’s take a look:

Signage that conveys strong standards and a powerful first impression, should be the aim of your business when you look to select your printed or digital signs.

Signage, such as those found in the workplace in the form of wall murals, reception signs etc are integral to brand identity. Through attributes such as typeface, colour, style and size, consumers build a picture of what a brand represents. Most of this comes down to consumer perception on an almost subliminal level, as we live in a society where meaning is attached to specific colours and shapes, allowing us to form an understanding of these unwritten forms of communi cation.

With the case of corporate signs, you want them to welcome and instruct, but also present a strong and striking first impression. The likes of vinyl signage and acrylic signage are great for crafting that aesthetically pleasing first impression. Look to project qualities such as dynamism and professionalism, qualities that will encourage consumers to invest trust in your brand, thus inducing sales and positive word of mouth.

In our digital world it is important that logos are two things: easily identifiable to avoid copyright issues and also digitally friendly. This has led to a trend known as undesigning, where by brands have opted to scale back the details of their logo designs to guarantee that they are legible on tablet, smartphone and on all other digital spaces.

A great example of this is in the case of the Arsenal Football club logo. The previous crest’s Latin motto would have been unreadable when scaled down to smartphone size, and the background detail would also have been blurred making it appear nonsensical. The Borough of Islington corporate logo, has also undergone a treatment of un-designing in recent years, its type-face and colour scheme was altered to make it more web-friendly.

This redesign, of commercial signs and logos that appear online are necessary for businesses who find their popularities increasing and need to keep up with the digital age.

Effective branding takes a company from the status of relative obscurity and lifts it to prominence, transforming it into something with a unique character that will stimulate an audience, encouraging it to engage with the business and carry out a transaction. Clever branding can even elevate you to cult status if you play your cards right and create an effective and memorable logo.

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