There is a huge trend at the moment in displaying a wall mural in corporate environments. Generally made out of  vinyl and then imposed onto surfaces, wall murals give a contemporary look and feel to any office space. In corporate settings at the moment, wall murals are in huge demand and are replacing acrylic signs and plaques, as the preferred way to brand an office. Whereas previously offices were simply adorned with their company names usually around reception areas, they are now much more elaborately adorned.

Wall murals for corporate offices need to meet certain criteria, they are not purely for decor, they are expected among other things to reflect the brand attributes and inform visitors and  staff of the companies values and achievements. For example, many companies choose to display facts or statistics outlining previous high-points such as “Best local retailer 2014″ or ” Voted Time Outs best Seafood Restaurant”  Wall murals are expected to often serve as conversation starters and icebreakers in a waiting area or conference room. Designs which display inspirational quotes that encapsulate the company as a whole and its ethos, are key examples of how this is achieved. Some of our previous wall murals include the likes of drawings depicting cityscapes as well as landscapes, portraits and other types of photographs We also produce simple large and small company logos. Whether you need a wall mural that displays your brand identity or whether you need something purely for decorative purposes,  we can deliver what you need.

Wall murals play an important role in breathing life into stark and uninspiring environments. They allow you to engage your visitors and employees alike. The last thing you want is employees to become bored and disengaged through repeated exposure to the same dull surroundings. Even if you can’t control the architecture and exterior of your office space, you can transform any backdrop into a lively, brand specific space, with use of murals. From a design point of view, wall murals can provide a focal point for an office and give rooms more of an atmosphere and a better feel. If you’d prefer wall decor that does not overwhelm but simply enriches the interior decor, we can also provide more understated designs.

When it comes to wall murals, it’s all about what you want to achieve as a company.Is it impact? This is largely dependent on scale and color scheme . Whereas if you want to reflect the company values or brand ethos, you need to think about quotes or famous people who sum up what it is you want your customers to associate you with. Here at Aspect Signs we can install your wall mural directly onto the surface area that you want it to go on to. There are a few exceptions though, silicone paint and repellent paint does not work as it does not allow the vinyl to stick. All other walls provide no issues and will enable the wall mural to stand out and make that vital impact.