Perspex Signs

Our range of Perspex Signs with vinyl graphics make the ideal signage for corporate and public environments.  Aspect Signs & Engraving are one of the leading suppliers of these type of signs. We make these bespoke to your needs and to any size requirements. Our prices are competitive so make an enquiry today.

Perspex Signs – Ideal for your environment!.


Perspex signs are the perfect type of signage for corporate environments such as medical centers and law firms. Acrylic plaques are regularly used for a stylish option, they can also be used to exude a more practical and purposeful messages. They often display the name and/or the logo of a business in a clean professional way, or they are used to succinctly direct visitors to various locations within the building.

Made from sheet cast acrylic – we usually produce these in clear form, although if required we can deliver them in a range of standard colours. Once the Perspex signs have been cut for you in a size that fits your requirements, we then apply any text or imagery needed through use of vinyl graphics. On occasion, we apply the extra design straight onto the sheet with UV print.  The panels can then be fixed onto walls with use of stand off spacer fittings, small stainless steel bolts which go well with the style of these acrylic signs can be fixed direct to the wall via screws or VHB self adhesive tape.

In summary, Perspex signs are just perfect for any environment from big corporates to the small business. They give a professional look which can only be a good thing when you are trying to impress your clients or members of the public.

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