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Anything is possible! (within reason..!) 3D signs are a great way for your business to stand out from the rest..  To discuss your options please call 020 8368 9017 or email us on info@aspectsigns.com

The Visual Effect of 3D Built-Up Letters!

3D sign lettering is where you can really go to town with your signage. It’s where things can get really elaborate and creative. In terms of creating impact, 3D sign lettering is unrivaled.  If you really want your brand name to resonate with customers, 3D sign lettering will boldly announce your presence. Traditionally 3D letting is made from metal and in particular stainless steel, they are on occasion made out of  20 millimeter acrylic.

Useful in both interior and exterior settings 3D sign lettering looks good and they can of course be customized according to the customer’s needs by changing the shape, size and colour. 3D lettering done on the front of a shop or restaurant acts as a good method of attracting customers, they also make impressive reception signs.

We recently produced 3D sign lettering for a Bar and restaurant. Here's how it went:

One of our recent jobs involved a request for 3D sign lettering, for a bar reading the following: “Late Bar & Restaurant.”

The job involved creating built-up stainless steel letters, powder coated black, each constructed in-house by our team of designers. The sign could be lit up through use of inbuilt lighting in each of the letters. For the illumination process, built in LEDs in a cool white were installed to create that halo illuminated effect.

The finished product was then mounted onto the customers exposed brick walls, by our installation team.

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