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Contemporary Acrylic Signage For Your Office!

With competition for market share huge across all industries, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to stand out and get noticed. A popular way of doing this is through acrylic signage. This versatile and attractive material is one of our most popular orders and will beautifully display the message and logo of your company, indoors or out.

Acrylic signage is versatile and multipurpose, it can be used on the likes of plaques and lettering, but most commonly on plaques. From A6 to large panels that can scale a whole wall, these plaques are a great way to display your slogan or brand name in a highly legible way. Acrylic provides  that smooth and clear finish.

Sometimes acrylic signage is used as interior decor,  but it can also be used in an outdoor context to direct people to your business. Acrylic signage, can be seen from far away and acts as a great way of alerting prospective customers to your premises.

  Acrylic signage is on point and on-trend at the moment, with many businesses opting to go for the sleek  and subtle finish they provide. Furthermore, acrylic signage helps your business to look professional without coming across as brash or over-powering.


Aspect Signs are a team of professional sign makers who understand the market and deliver quality results.

 With 50 years of experience, at Aspect Signs we have developed a wealth of understanding when it comes to customer needs and preferences. Be it exterior office signs, directional signs (exterior or interior), door plaques, name plaques or sign boards for general information; we deliver them all, and much more!

When it comes to acrylic signage, we can deliver durable, easy to clean products that are multi purpose and fit the the specific needs of your office. Office Signs are necessary to help people find their way around the space. Schools, hospitals, restaurants and every other commercial or public space requires sign boards to enable at the very least convenience and way finding.

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