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Make heads turn with Illuminated Signs!

Illuminated signage, takes many different forms and is made from a variety of different materials,

One of the most popular types is built up lettering, traditionally referred to as 3D lettering which can be created with stainless steel or acrylic materials or in some instances both. These are traditionally illuminated through use of LED bulbs. The bulbs are usually placed around the edges of the lettering and when lit up produce a halo effect, which is extremely popular. These allow your company’s sign to really stand out and give off a polished professional feel. These signs can be displayed inside or out.

Light boxes, are another popular form of illuminated signage. They tend to be made from acrylic or stainless steel facing. Often found on the front of shops and outside various businesses, they allow you to display your logos with a classy and smooth finish.

Projecting signs also make great illuminated signage solutions, made from stainless steel facing and acrylic.

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Day or Night, interior or exterior; nothing can compare or match the impact of illuminated signage.

We are capable of delivering quality and timely work based on the exact needs and specifications of our clients. Our team of highly skilled sign makers take up each project with passion and dedication, they are committed to delivering the best results. We use quality materials and innovative processes that guarantee great results.

Illuminated signage works as the perfect directional sign, for official buildings. Hospitals, pharmacies and other emergency services when highlighted with illuminated signage appear much more prominent. Also, within official buildings, or indeed any buildings, smaller directional signs are much more effective when illuminated. Take for example emergency exits, they can prove to be life saving in particular circumstances if highlighted. 

Outdoor LED signs have been in use for many years,  but with new technologies and concepts coming into existence, it is an exciting time for the illuminated signage market.  If you think that your business could benefit from outdoor or indoor illuminated signage, give us a call on 020 8368 9017 and we can get the ball rolling.

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