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 Wall Signs and wall graphics- Bring your working environments to life!

Wall graphics and wall signs are great additions to commercial premises and provide professional impact-full results.

Here at Aspect Signs we produce a high number of wall graphics and wall signs, often in the form of stainless steel cut letters. Although priced at the higher end of the spectrum, in comparison to what our rivals charge for such items, these are still hugely cost efficient.  We also offer acrylic plaques, popularly fixed to surfaces with stainless steel fittings, that resemble small bolts. These wall signs look good at the side of the doors to office premises or inside the offices and commercial buildings themselves.

When it comes to wall graphics, these are most commonly made from vinyls. We can either use your preexisting brand guidlines as a template, in which case we will apply our color match service, to work towards  replicating your logo exactly, or we can produce an entirely new image and logo through print techniques.


We recently produced wall graphics for a local company. This was the process:

Firstly the job itself was for an East London Estate Agents. They required a series of cut vinyl signs, including a large logo and some promotional materials.

When they initially spoke to us they stated that they required a large collection of vinyls, cut and printed. This included 17 small 350 by 150 mm vinyls in matte lamination and an additional 50 in the same size but with a slight variation on design. These smaller signs were priced at 3.65 each. There was also an order of a larger cut vinyl again with matte lamination, sized at 1097 by 408 mm. This incurred a slightly higher charge of 30 pounds.

This particular company sent over preexisting art work which we imposed onto the vinyls and colour matched them to ensure they were in-keeping with brand guidelines.

The vinyls were stuck onto untreated birch faced plywood, aka wooden panels in-store, all installed by our team.

The final result provided increased in-store brand awareness for the client as well as an attractive working environment.




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