One of the great parts of working here at Aspect Signs is getting involved with the local community. We regularly work with smaller businesses in the North London area and really get to know our customers as individuals. We have built up an in-depth knowledge of what it is our customers need, almost anticipating their needs before they even arise. With so many great businesses and organizations in the market for signs, we are able to combine our work with the efforts of those we serve  to create something that’s lasting and special.

Recently we supplied graphics, from design through to installation for the North London Hospice in North Finchley. These graphics took the form of leaves for the hospice’s tribute tree. The tribute tree is a beautiful idea conjured up by the hospice which allows families and friends of those who have passed on to purchase a leaf symbolizing their  loved one, to display on the tree. We created these leaves using laser laminated brushed gold, silver and bronze and designed and manufactured them onsite in our studios. The leaves were given at a reduced price, so that when they were purchased by the deceased’s family the money left over could go back into the hospice, to be spent on care services.

We are always happy to create and supply these kinds of jobs and gain enormous satisfaction in knowing our products are going towards enriching the lives of those we come into contact with.