Signage for businesses can come in different materials. Vinyl is just one of the options for your office signs, and is considered one of the most universal available. Here are four reasons why you should consider choosing vinyl graphics for your signage needs.

Print what you want..

Digital print technology has made vinyl signage much more versatile. It can be printed to any design you require without many exceptions and there is no need to worry about colour matching because with a CMYK match code most, if not all colours can be achieved. Good quality images can also be added without any bother. It really is as good as your design is.


Most sign printing materials now days are hardwearing when exposed to the elements and vinyl is no exception. Dependant on which grade you are printing on it is weatherproof with a good laminate. The laminates also come in all different qualities and here at Aspect Signs we only use high quality exterior grade vinyl and laminates whether your signage is exterior, interior or on sign panels like acrylic or aluminium composite.

Attract More Attention..

Vinyl signs are often brighter and easier to see. They can also be big. These benefits make them much easier to attract the attention of others. Your marketing budget is better spent, as you will attract more customers without too much extra effort.

Different colours and shades can be used. Metallic looks are available. These are just one way to help to catch the eye just in passing, which is something many other signage is unable to do.

Cost Effective..

Vinyl signs are much more cost effective than the traditional sign writing. They’re produced quicker and because of the versatility the design options can be unlimited. Due to them being cost effective it means your budget will go further, so with the right type of vinyl graphics you can change them as and when your promotions change.

Now is the time to think about vinyl signs for your business. It is much more affordable and offers benefits that no other material will.

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