Vinyl is a great material to use to create signage for your company or home. It looks particularly good on walls and flat surfaces and can really emphasize your brand message and identity, through its presence and vibrancy.  Even if you don’t use vinyl signs to convey your slogan or logo, vinyl is a versatile material that can still be used to brighten up your shop/ office windows.  Vinyl signs are the best way to quickly and affordably make your business stand out.

Before you take the plunge and commit to a window make-over, you need to be certain that you have done all the necessary groundwork and that what you are installing will be right for your establishment.  Here are some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to installing window vinyl. Our answers should help you make an informed decision.

1. Is it better to place vinyl graphics on the outside or the inside of your glass? 95% of the time it is more advisable to place your vinyl on the inside of the glass.
2. When it comes to the vinyl lettering, is it better to opt for one particular colour over another? In terms of colour the golden rule is the lighter the better.  Pastels and whites are what you should be aiming for.
3. Should you use a matte or gloss glass vinyl film? This is entirely up to you. Matte will produce a more contemporary look, but this may not be the feel that you are going for. Gloss on the other hand is much more popular for window displays.
4. Transparent or translucent vinyl? It’s entirely up to you. Transparent lets a certain amount of light through, whereas translucent is more solid, which only lets some light through.
5. What should I do if I already have some vinyl in place of where the new display needs to go? Any old, unwanted vinyl should be taken down and the window should be stripped and then cleaned before the new sign is installed.

At Aspect Signs & Engraving we are experts in all things vinyl signage. Our dedicated team will install your new signs diligently and precisely just how you want it, with a quick turn around. Call us today for more information.