Once your vinyl sign is created, you will need to decide whether or not you want to apply a matte or gloss finish. The two finishes are completely different in terms of look and feel and are instantly recognizable as two distinct finishes. Both will project entirely different images and suggestions as to what your company stands for and what its ethos is all about. If done well, both finishes look great, however you really need to consider what is best for your business and what look is most in-keeping with your brand’s guidelines. To give you an idea of how the two finishes look, we can compare black patent leather shoes with regular black leather shoes. The patent leather is a very smooth finish with a coat of gloss over the colour, similar to glossy vinyl it also reflects the light in the same way. Matte on the other hand has a textured finish and does not glow or glare under lighting. Let’s take a closer look at the two personalities of matte and gloss and help you to decide which one is right for your business.

Matte Vinyl

1. Immune to changing when hit by light.

2. Textured finish.

3. Can be easily removed, even in the long term.

4. There can be issues applying signs with a matte finish to certain types of textured walls or tiles.

5. You can expect these signs to last a maximum of 3 years if they are put up outside.

6. When applied to mirrors or glass this finish brings out the best results.

Glossy Vinyl

1. Glares under the light

2. Seamless finish.

3. Hard to remove from walls, so much so that it can on occasion pull paint off the wall over a period of time.

4. There are more colours available in this finish

5. Can be applied far more easily to textured walls than a matte vinyl.

6. These signs last much longer if installed outside than matte versions and you expect them to remain intact for anything between 4 and 8 years.

7. A gloss finish works great on walls and glass alike.

For more information on which vinyl finish is best for your companies signage and is most in-keeping with the brand attributes that you want to exude, contact us.