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In-case by now you’re not convinced that vinyl really is a multi-purpose material that can be used to enable you to achieve your sign-based vision, you maybe aren’t aware of how many different types of vinyl there are out there on offer.
Navigating your way through the catalogue of materials on offer, can be daunting and confusing. It throws up many questions. Many customers ask us what type of vinyl is best for interior and exterior signs? They also want to know which types of vinyl  work better on which surfaces? For example; does a floor surface look better with a graphic made with a reflective finish rather than a translucent finish?

So you can better understand what’s out there and what will work for you, here is a list of the most popular types of vinyl and what they are most commonly used for based on their strengths and weaknesses:

Types of vinyl

Gloss vinyl: Gloss vinyl provides a smooth finish, which reflects the light.

Matt vinyl: These types of vinyl have a textured finish and doesn’t change when hit by the light.

Frosted vinyl: Frosted vinyl, is vinyl which is generally used for glass application. Signs made out of this material, inhibit any light getting through due to the high levels of pigmentation, that creates that opaque look. Many offices opt to create their branded signs in frosted vinyl over glass doors and windows as this ensures privacy.

Translucent vinyl: This type of vinyl lends itself well to light boxes, because you guessed it- it let’s the light through. When you create a sign for a light box it will usually be constructed with translucent vinyl to give an effective finish.

Metallic vinyl: This is a type of finish,that commonly comes in silver or gold. It gives an almost Christmassy effect. It is only really used inside, as the reflective quality can be abrasive and distracting.

Reflective vinyl: This type of vinyl is most commonly used in shop signs. While it remains unaffected by light during the day time, come night it reflects the lights of any street lights or passing traffic and becomes more visible and prominent.

Photo-luminescent vinyl: This is a type of vinyl that glows in the dark and is most commonly used on fire exits and neon signs.

Blackboard vinyl: If you are creating wipe-able chalk boards, blackboard vinyls are really the only type of vinyls that are appropriate. Easy to assemble and easy to wipe down, should you want to get rid of the design once it’s up.

Stencil vinyl: Low tech vinyl used to apply certain stencil designs onto the likes of walls and canvas.


The above is just a quick overview of the types of vinyl on offer and what they can do for your signs and what they are particularly useful for. We stock a variety of quality vinyls in a range of different colours. You can contact us for more information on how together we can bring your signs to life.